Farrells Ice Cream

Do you like to play miniature golf? Well at Action Town Florida we have created one of the most challenging 9 Hole, Glow in the dark courses in Miami Dade County. all the black light artwork makes it look futuristic.

In general, the goal of mini golf is to try to aim for the weird and difficult method of getting a hole in one, where if you miss you're probably stuck behind some obstacle. If you aim perfectly, you get a hole in one (or close). That's why mini golf is so fun. There's luck involved, but there's also skill - you measure angles, look at curves, and basically see the best way to get to the hole, whether that is going straight in or bouncing crazy off the walls.

Come and see why were the largest and most entertaining family fun center in Miami!


Since action Town Florida is a Family Entertainment Center, we are very busy on weekends and holidays and when kids are out of school.  We recommend you make a reservation for  groups of 10 or more.  

Farrells Ice Cream
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